Agate, Amethyst Turtle


Weight 675g

Top 3 properties - Stability / Confidence / Emotional Release  
Chakra -  Sacral / Root / Crown 
Zodiac -  Gemini / Scorpio 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Grounding 
Info - Grey Agate, the stone of stability, has a nurturing, grounding energy. It can be used to achieve balance across all three bodies - physical, emotional and intellectual. It improves concentration, perception and brain function, so if you’re someone who struggles with that 3pm slump - reach for grey agate over a coffee. Grey Agate is extremely beneficial for deep emotional release, clearing away the feelings of anxiety, bitterness and anger that build as a result of trauma. If you have ever had to suppress your emotions or hide your true feelings, you will know that over time they turn into extreme frustration. Grey Agate will give you the confidence to speak your truth and release what’s held within, so you can be free from the constraints of your shadow self.


Top 3 properties - Protection / Calming / Cleansing
Chakra - Crown / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Aries / Aquarius / Pisces / Sagittarius  
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration 
Info - Amethyst is the Wonder Woman of the crystal community - powerful, protective, calming and cleansing. Useful for protection against physic attacks and negative energy, amethyst will guard you from the energy vampires and toxic friends. An emotional powerhouse, amethyst will help you to overcome addiction, alleviate stress, anxiety, fear and depression - think of it as your doctor, psychologist and best friend all in one. Keep amethyst close by your bed to ensure you are protected from negative thoughts throughout the night and to encourage a deeper, dreamier sleep

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