Apatite Freeform

Size | 10cm x 11.5cm | 867g

Top 3 properties - Manifestation / Communication / Balance 
Chakra - Third Eye 
Zodiac - Gemini / Capricorn / Pisces 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Apatite is a stone for the dreamers who want to become doers. Highly motivational and uplifting in energy, Apatite fuels one with the power to achieve their desired goals. Working to expand upon knowledge and align with a higher perspective, Apatite encourages focus, learning and acceptance. Useful for manifestation and depending meditation practices it is a stone perfect for aligning with your highest self. Also known as the diet stone, apatite can be used to raise the metabolic rate, encourage healthy eating and draw off negativity from the self. It can be useful reducing hyperactivity in children, making it your go to move for encouraging quiet time.

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