Size | 15.5cm | 796g

Top 3 properties - Intuition / Harmony / Spiritual Growth 
Chakra - Soul Chakra / Third Eye / Crown 
Zodiac -  Libra / Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Apophyllite is the Faberge egg of the crystal world, it’s name loosely translating into ‘flake off’ - representing it’s delicate, snowflake like texture. What strength apophyllite lacks in it’s physical body it certainly makes up for energetically, with an intense, high vibration. Found in ancient lava streams, it converts fire energy into vibrations of light stimulating the pineal gland and upper chakras. If you are looking to take your meditations to a deeper level, apophyllite will get you there - strengthening intuition and the connection between yourself and your spirit guides. Apophyllite is a great stone for inner healing, helping you reconnect and care for your inner child.

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