Banded Calcite Freeform


Size | 17cm h x 15cm w | 4000g

Top 3 properties - Cleansing / Amplifying / Healing 
Chakra - Sacral / Root 
Zodiac -  Cancer 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Uplifting / Amplifying 
Info - Banded Calcite, an energy amplifying stone that ‘fixes everything’. Used to cleanse one’s environment and aura of negative energy, banded calcite will ensure there is nothing but good vibes coming your way. A great stone for healing work, even over distance, it will strengthen the vibration and direction of energy to reach its intended target. Banded calcite is a stone to turn to when processing emotions, helping one to see through their emotional reactions and discover the truth. Connected to the root and sacral chakras, it keeps the user balanced, grounded and level headed. Banded calcite is the stone to turn to to ‘get things done’, combatting laziness, fatigue and procrastination.

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