Blue Goldstone Jumbo Tumble


Size 5cm, approx 100g, Price is for one. 

Top 3 properties - Optimism / Luck / New Beginnings 
Chakra - Root / Sacral 
Zodiac -  Sagittarius 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Uplifting Vibration 
Info - A man made stone, goldstone has a glittering reminiscent of stars in the night sky. Each colour contains it’s own specific characteristics, yet the essence of goldstone remains the same - a stone of luck, optimism and ambition. Goldstone is a perfect stone to use when beginning new projects or adventures, for it provides one with the strength to keep calm and carry on through any challenges that arise. If you are your biggest critic, use goldstone to release your fear of failure and remember each setback serves as a new way forward. 

Green - to boost self worth and that you deserve to succeed 
Blue - to boost creativity and imagination, think of new ways to move forward 
Reddy/ Brown - to boost confidence and personal power

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I loved it. So beautiful and sparkly. I was disappointed to find they are man made. So if it is new to you, Google. Everything else I got and so far, it is in the $100's, has been exactly the same as the pic. Everything was really well packed. It was like an awesome Christmas morning, opening my package.👍💖

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