Blue Kyanite Large Pendant

Blue Kyanite Large Pendant

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925 Sterling Silver 

Size 7cm length

Top 3 properties - Spiritual Connection / Balance / Communication 
Chakra -  Third Eye / Throat 
Zodiac -  Pisces / Aries / Libra / Taurus 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info -  Blue Kyanite is high vibrational stone with a calming, restorative energy. It balances yin and yang energy in the body, converting feelings of anger and frustration into peace and acceptance. You can use blue kyanite to heal deep emotional wounds and blockages, and as it does not store negative energy there is no need for regular cleansing. Connected to the throat and third eye, it encourages honest communication and gives one the confidence needed to speak their personal truth. Blue Kyanite is a stone for spiritual growth, helping one develop intuition, unlock clairvoyance and access the power within. If you are in need of answers, higher guidance or are simply curious about the magick of the universe, blue kyanite is the key to understanding.