Charoite Sphere


Size | 3.5cm | 70g

Top 3 properties - Higher Guidance / Transformation / Healing 
Chakra - Crown / Third Eye 
Zodiac -  Scorpio / Sagittarius 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibrational 
Info - Charoite has a uniquely high vibration, helping the body adjust when exposed to a variety of energies. It is the stone of healers, light workers and psychics, enabling them to connect with higher realms while offering psychic protection. It is healing in nature, and will strengthen and balance the flow of energy between the chakras. If you are someone struggling with loneliness, or travel often for work, use charoite to feel reconnect with the universe and see yourself as whole. When used for self growth and shadow work, charoite will remove fear and self doubt so you are free to transform to the next level. Charoite increases synchronicities and coincidences - so when this happens know you are being divinely guided to your true path

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