Dendrite Agate Pendant

Dendrite Agate Pendant

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925 Sterling Silver

Pendant Size 8.5cm H x 6cm W

Top 3 properties - Transformation / Determination / Perspective  
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura - Slow / Low Vibration 
Info -  Dendrite Agate - nicknamed ‘Tree Agate’ for it’s branch like patterns, has a uniquely slow vibration. A transformative stone, it encourages the user to persevere when the going gets tough and come out stronger than ever. Dendrite Agate reforms perspective and encourages you see challenges for what they are - an opportunity. A stone for those reject the traditional expectations of life, it will give you the determination you need to forge your own path. The physical benefits of Dendrite Agate are said to ease digestive upset, heal the nervous system and relieve muscle aches. Used to promote fidelity and trust in relationships - this is a good one to hide in your partner’s pocket before that boys trip or girls night out.