Fluorite Polished

Size 3.3cm x 2.5cm 30g

Top 3 properties - Intuition / Focus / Insight 
Chakra - Third Eye /Throat 
Zodiac -  Pisces / Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Uplifting / high vibrational 
Info - Fluorite is the triple threat of the crystal world, with a focus energy balance, introspection and well, focus. A perfect stone for students or those in highly creative jobs, fluorite keeps you to task and the ideas flowing. Fluorite is useful for stress relief, by absorbing negativity and replacing it with a cool, calm and collected energy. A perfect stone for those who struggle with a cluttered mind, it will help you find clarity amongst the chaos - allowing your intuition to shine through. From a healing perspective it can be used to cleanse and balance the aura, open and active the third eye chakra for clearer spiritual communication.

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