Kunzite Moon Necklace

Kunzite Moon Necklace

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925 Sterling Silver

Total Necklace Length 40cm

Top 3 properties – Emotional Healing / Divine Love / Empathy
Chakra – Heart
Zodiac – Scorpio  / Taurus / Leo
Stone Feel / Aura – High Vibrational
Info – Kunzite, a high vibrational stone with a soft feminine energy – perfect for balancing and opening the heart chakra. Kunzite will heighten empathy and intuition, making it a useful stone for lightworkers and healers looking to activate their inner gift. It contains traces of lithium, easing the stress, anxiety and depression that often goes hand in hand with being a sensitive soul. Kunzite can be used to help one regulate the emotions that overwhelm them, so they no longer feel like they are ‘drowning’ – a water signs best friend. For those whose past trauma has pushed them into a life of fear, kunzite will fill your heart with love and strength so you embrace rather than resist change.