Lepidolite Seal


Size | 7.5cm w x 2.5cm h | 65g

Top 3 properties - Calming / Mood Boosting / Peaceful 
Chakra -  Crown / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Libra
Stone Feel / Aura - Soothing 
Info - Lepidolite is the magic mood stone, your calming, stabilising, anxiety reducing wonder crystal. Containing traces of lithium (found in anti anxiety medication) Lepidolite helps to reduce the impact of stress within the body and calms the overthinking mind. Useful for those suffering from the physical sensations of anxiety, the tranquil energy of this stone will bring you back into the present. With the ability to relieve exhaustion and strengthen the immune system, lepidolite will protect those who take on too many tasks at once. Pop a piece under your pillow or on your forehead for a 5 minute meditation prior to sleep - your thoughts and dreams will thank you later.

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