Mangano Calcite Heart


Size 7cm x 7.5cm | 225g

Top 3 properties - Forgiveness / Healing / Self Love 
Chakra - Heart 
Zodiac - Libra / Cancer / Taurus 
Stone Feel / Aura - Soft / Soothing 
Info -  Known as the forgiveness stone, mangano calcite has a soft, soothing aura. Linked to the heart chakra, this stone gently pushes through stored trauma and allows for emotional release. If you have been struggling to let go of past hurt, use the healing energy of mangano calcite to offer others forgiveness so you may be at peace. A useful stone to come home to after a stressful day, it will release tension, quieten anxiety and bring about an overall feeling of tranquility. Like any heart healing stone, mangano calcite promotes self acceptance and love, not just for the self but for the universe as a whole.

*stand is for display purpose only and not included in sale


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