Mookaite Buddha


Size | 5cm w x 5cm h | 50g

Top 3 properties – Longevity / Wisdom / Protection
Chakra –  Root / Sacral
Zodiac – Scorpio / Leo /  Virgo
Stone Feel / Aura –   Grounding
Info –  Forget the fountain of youth, Mookaite is the key to staying forever young. Mookaite is a grounding, protective crystal, said to encourage optimum health and longevity of life. It releases the fear one has of aging by raising their personal vibration and self-worth, signaling perhaps the key to being young – is simply feeling it. Connected to the Earth Mookaite will ignite the adventurer within, pushing one to explore what life has to offer – while acting like a protective talisman along the way. Mookaite is a useful stone to meditate with prior to making life decisions, for it enhances intuition and inner wisdom.

Stand not included

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