Orange Calcite Mini Sphere


Size | 1.8cm

Price is for one sphere

Top 3 properties - Healing / Clarity / New Beginnings 
Chakra - Sacral / Crown 
Zodiac - Cancer 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibrational 
Info - Calcite is a symbol of purity, working to cleanse the aura and heal past life trauma. A useful stone for those who have given up hope that life will work out, white calcite will release limiting beliefs so you feel worthy of your highest path. If you struggle with decision making, white calcite will clear clutter from the mind so your intuition can be heard. A detoxification stone, calcite can lower blood pressure, cleanse the body of impurities and encourage better enjoy flow. As calcite is an amplifying stone, when used in combination with other crystals your manifestation or healing efforts will be doubled.

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