Phosphosiderite Egg

Size | 5.7cm x 152g

Top 3 properties - Spiritual Awakening / Transformation / Emotional Healing
Chakra - Heart / Third Eye
Zodiac - Virgo / Scorpio
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration
Info - Phosphosiderite is a high vibrational stone, used to encourage change, healing and spiritual awakening. It’s transformative energy is likened to that of the phoenix, pushing the user through a period of personal growth and regeneration. When using phosphosiderite regularly, don’t be surprised if friendships or relationships fall away. Phosphosiderite has your best interest at heart and will break the ties of attachments that no longer serve you. While you might not see if at first - letting these people fall away is the key to completing your spiritual transformation. In terms of healing phosphosiderite will do the heavy lifting for you, after targeting one area it will move on to the next until you are balanced on a physical and emotional level. It resonates with all chakras, in particular the heart and third eye, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety and heartache.

*stand not included in sale

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