Pink Opal Tumble

Top 3 properties - Love / Hope / Emotional Healing
Chakra - Heart
Zodiac - Cancer / Libra / Pisces / Scorpio
Stone Feel / Aura - Soothing / Gentle
Info - Pink Opal, one for the eternal worriers and anxious soul - let it lift the weight of the world off of your shoulders. Radiating a gentle, nurturing vibration it will soothe you in even the most frazzled of states, keeping you cool, calm and collected. Pink Opal is a stone for those suffering the struggling to move on from trauma or suffering the after effects of a broken heart. Let it activate and balance the heart chakra, healing you from within so you feel worthy of receiving love. Pink Opal will enhance your connection to the divine and spiritual realm, so you may turn your heightened sensitivity into your superpower.

Price is for one stone

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