Pink Opalite Strawberry

Size 4cm

Top 3 properties - Psychic Abilities / Personal Power / Communication
Chakra - Third Eye
Zodiac - Libra
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration
Info - Opalite is a high vibrational stone, ruling over the third eye and our communication centres. If you struggle with voicing your opinion or standing up for yourself, opalite will give you strength to verbalise what is hidden below the surface. A transformative stone, it will boost confidence and self esteem allowing one to tap into their personal power. Opalite can improve communication on a spiritual level, by boosting psychic abilities and allowing for a better interpretation of divine guidance. It is useful for clearing blocked chakras, rebalancing the flow of energy through the body and the meridians. If you are feeling lost and unsure of your life’s path, meditating with opalite can help uncover your true potential.
*please note opalite is a man made stone

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