Prehnite Pendant

Prehnite Pendant

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925 Sterling Silver

Pendant Size 3.7cm

Top 3 properties - Truth / Connection / Precognition  
Chakra - Heart
Zodiac -  Libra / Virgo 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Prehnite, the prophecy stone, is the perfect crystal for those who suspect they have ‘the gift’ but are yet to hone their craft. Prehnite is best used in meditation, where it quietens the mind and allows one to tune in to the spiritual world and trust their inner wisdom. It helps one reconnect with their environment and the world around them, feeling drawn to the outdoors and spending time in nature. Prehnite is a great stone for those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, giving them a break from the overstimulating world in which we live in. It can be used to alleviate nightmares, phobias, and deep seated fears - uncovering their origins and a way to overcome them.