Rainbow Moonstone Moon Necklace

Rainbow Moonstone Moon Necklace

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925 Sterling Silver

Total Necklace Length 22cm

Top 3 properties - Transformation / New Beginnings / Clarity 
Chakra -  Third Eye / Crown 
Zodiac -  Cancer / Libra / Scorpio 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Soothing / Gentle Vibration 
Info - Rainbow Moonstone, also known as ‘white labradorite’, is a stone of clarity, growth and enlightenment. Like all moonstones, it can be used during full or new moon rituals to help one harness the power of the moon. It has been said to realign the female cycle in accordance with the lunar cycle and encourages one, like the moon, to continually transform themselves. Rainbow Moonstone enhances focus and clarity, and will keep your mind functioning optimally throughout the day - no need for that 3pm coffee. Use Rainbow Moonstone to enhance the flow of energy throughout the chakras, and shield the aura from negative vibrations.