Rhodochrosite Generator


Size 6.5cm h x 1.4cm w | 35g

Top 3 properties -  Self Love / Feminine Power / Passion 
Chakra - Heart / Solar Plexus 
Zodiac -  Scorpio / Leo 
Stone Feel / Aura -  Stabilising 
Info - Rhodochrosite, a heart and solar plexus stone, has a gentle, stabilising energy. It stimulates and strengthens all qualities connected to the heart chakra - love, self worth and empathy. Rhodochrosite can be used to stimulate and reconnect with the passions you have lost - whether they be creative outlets, relationships with others, or simply your relationship with life itself. As a healing stone, it targets the mind and nervous system, alleviating depression, stress and anxiety. It is extremely beneficial for inner child healing, and will help you see through your fears to identify the root cause of each issue. Rhodochrosite radiates divine feminine energy, helping one to love and care for themselves as much as those around them - for you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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