Rose Quartz Charging Plate, Circle

Rose Quartz Charging Plate, Circle

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Size 10cm w 1.5cm thick | 360g

Top 3 properties -   Love / Healing / Compassion
Chakra – Heart
Zodiac - Taurus / Libra
Stone Feel / Aura – High Vibrational
Info – Rose Quartz is the stone of love, in all the many forms that may be. It radiates a warm, pleasant energy which promotes healing and forgiveness, particularly of the self. Connected to the heart chakra, it can be used to clear through the negative emotions associated with love – jealousy, anger, frustration - and replace it with warmth, compassion and understanding. Calming and reassuring, Rose Quartz enhances empathy, acceptance and encourages the user to see beauty in the world around them.  A beautiful stone for women, teenagers and those who struggle to see themselves clearly, Rose Quartz will bring out the goddess from within.

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