Ruby, Zoisite Generator


Size | 11cm | 137g

Top 3 properties - Passion / Patience / Release
Chakra -  Heart / Crown 
Zodiac -  Aries / Aquarius 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration
Info - Ruby Zoisite is a unique combination of fire and earth crystals - part fiery passion and part steady grounding. It will boost one’s vitality and creativity, re-igniting the spark within and passion for life. The Ruby element will help you follow your true path in life, and give you the motivation you need to see it through. The balancing elements of the stone will help with mood swings, especially feelings of frustration and impatience - exactly what one needs when exploring a different path. If you suffer from repressed anger or the desire to self harm, this stone will give you the release you need to express your emotions in a healthy manner. It is a stone of empathy, and will encourage you to feel the kindness for yourself that you automatically feel for others.

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