Shamanic Seer Stones

Rose Quartz
Clear Quartz

Size 4cm approx, price is for one in the stone of your choice.

Top 3 properties -   Love / Healing / Compassion
Chakra – Heart
Zodiac - Taurus / Libra
Stone Feel / Aura – High Vibrational
Info – Rose Quartz is the stone of love, in all the many forms that may be. It radiates a warm, pleasant energy which promotes healing and forgiveness, particularly of the self. Connected to the heart chakra, it can be used to clear through the negative emotions associated with love – jealousy, anger, frustration - and replace it with warmth, compassion and understanding. Calming and reassuring, Rose Quartz enhances empathy, acceptance and encourages the user to see beauty in the world around them.  A beautiful stone for women, teenagers and those who struggle to see themselves clearly, Rose Quartz will bring out the goddess from within.

Top 3 properties - Purity / Clarity / Manifestation 
Chakra -  Crown Chakra 
Zodiac -  Leo / Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibrational 
Info - Clear quartz, a stone of purity, has powerful amplification powers. Not only does it work to amplify your personal energy - connecting you with your intuition and spirit guides, but it amplifies the energy of the crystals around it. A master healer, it has been said to benefit any ailment - both mental and physical. If you feel lost and in need of guidance, clear quartz will quieten the clutter in the mind so you may find the answers you’re looking for. An ideal manifestation tool, it will cleanse the aura and raise ones vibration to an optimum level to attract a new abundant way of living.

Top 3 properties - Protection / Calming / Cleansing
Chakra - Crown / Third Eye 
Zodiac - Aries / Aquarius / Pisces / Sagittarius  
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration 
Info - Amethyst is the Wonder Woman of the crystal community - powerful, protective, calming and cleansing. Useful for protection against physic attacks and negative energy, amethyst will guard you from the energy vampires and toxic friends. An emotional powerhouse, amethyst will help you to overcome addiction, alleviate stress, anxiety, fear and depression - think of it as your doctor, psychologist and best friend all in one. Keep amethyst close by your bed to ensure you are protected from negative thoughts throughout the night and to encourage a deeper, dreamier sleep.

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