Super Seven Sphere


Size 5.3cm | 232g

Top 3 properties - Spiritual Growth / Transformation / Psychic Abilities 
Chakra -  Crown 
Zodiac -  All 
Stone Feel / Aura -   High Vibration 
Info - Super 7, otherwise known as ‘Sacred Stone’, is a rare, naturally occurring stone. A unique beauty, it contains elements of amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile, smokey and quartz - all in the one, neat little package. Similarly to selenite, Super 7 radiates a vibration so high it is able to cleanse the other crystals around it - without needing cleansing itself. Super 7 is a perfect stone for achieving a new level of spiritual access, and meditating regularly with the stone helps one tap into the psychic gifts and intuition that lies within. If there is an issue that has been overwhelming you for some time, use Super 7 to ground and find clarity, so the right path reveals itself to you.

*stand is not included in the sale

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