Trolleite Generator


Size | 7.5cm h x 3.5cm w | 134g

Top 3 properties - Healing / Enlightenment / Intuition 
Chakra - Throat / Third Eye 
Zodiac -  Virgo / Aries / Gemini 
Stone Feel / Aura -  High Vibration 
Info - Trolleite is a high vibration stone with a soothing, gentle energy. Known as the ‘stone of heaven’, it’s main purpose is to help one find peace. Use trolleite to see negative situations for what they truly are - lessons and opportunities for growth. In accepting and seeing the past in a new light, one can learn to forgive, heal and finally move on. Linked to throat and third eye chakras, trolleite deepens one’s connection to the divine, enhancing intuition, perception and clarity of thought. Trolleite helps one reach a new level of consciousness, and is best used in meditation or by the bedside to improve sleep and understanding of dreams.

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