Turquoise Cabochon


Size 2cm - 2.5cm per cabochon, price is for one.

Top 3 properties - Transformation / Awareness / Higher Connection 
Chakra - Third Eye 
Zodiac - Sagittarius / Capricorn 
Stone Feel / Aura - High Vibration 
Info - Connected to the Third Eye, Turquoise symbolises growth, evolution and spiritual development. A useful crystal to add to your meditation practice, Turquoise will help to unlock your inner wisdom, open your mind to new possibilities and discover your divine purpose. On a physical level,  Turquoise aids in healing from depression, boosts circulation and heart health. A wonderful stone for the reformed and current smokers, give your insides a boost while encouraging yourself to see the light. Keep some  Turquoise in your home and office to stimulate creativity and open the mind to new possibilities.

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