Crystals to feed your Zodiac

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Aries - 'The Ram' Fire // March 21 to April 20
The sign of action and activity, Aries likes to get sh*t done. There is no time for dilly dallying and over analysing for Aries, they are natural born leaders who prefer a direct approach to problem solving. The stereotypical Aries is brave, courageous, honest and resilient with the ability to instill confidence in those around them. Like most Fire signs, Aries must watch out for their temper, lack of patience and impulsive tendencies. The best crystals for Aries are: 
Garnet – one of the birthstones for Aries, it provides them with a boost of vitality, courage and strength so they have the energy to keep charging through life.
Amethyst - one to help slow down the impulsiveness of Aries, it reminds them to stop and think before they act. Amethyst also provides a much needed stress relief for Aries when they have too much on their plate. 
Black Tourmaline - Aries likes to go, go, go but sometimes they forget rest and recovery is important to maintain their energy levels. Black Tourmaline is highly grounding and will slow Aries down while offering protection for them on their many endeavors.
Taurus - 'The Bull' - Earth // April 21 to May 20 
Known as 'The Bull', Taurians are drawn to stability and slow and steady progress being the most fixed of the Earth signs. Considered the 'quiet achievers' of the zodiac, Taurians are productive, practical and goal orientated - without the need to brag when they achieve them. They are dependable, determined and virtuous and will see any task through to the end. Characteristics to watch out for are stubbornness and inflexibility, for Taurus thrives on routine and does not like sudden change. Crystals that suit Taurus are: 
Emerald - the birthstone of Taurus, it helps the quiet achiever continue along their path to success. Emerald encourages loyalty and patience, strengthening Taurus' ability to see any task through till the end. 
Citrine - Taurians are highly dependable however they can be prone to getting stuck in their ways. Citrine will encourage Taurus to open up to new ideas, joy and abundance. 
Peridot - to encourage flexibility and reduce anxiety when faced with change. Peridot can show Taurus that change isn't always something to fear, and embracing it will help them achieve their dreams much faster.
Gemini - 'The Twins' - Air // May 21 to June 20
Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac sign, known as the symbol of duality - twins. Often unfairly given a 'bad rep' by other signs who view this quality as being two sided, the twins actually refer to Geminis high level of adaptability and the way in which they view life from all different perspectives. A lover of socialising, communicating and expressing their playful nature, Geminis are naturally outgoing, creative and quick witted. Negatives Geminis need to work on are keeping their impulsiveness and indecisiveness in check, and not spilling the secrets others have trusted them with. Crystals for Gemini are: 
Ametrine - as Gemini is the sign of duality, they are well suited to the crystal of duality. Being a combination of Amethyst + Citrine, Ametrine works to balance their conflicting energies. 
Aquamarine - a communication stone, Aquamarine helps Geminis speak from their heart and avoid the temptation to gossip. Aquamarine helps with communicating ideas and creativity, playing to Gemini's strengths. 
Agate - one of the birth stones associated with Gemini, Agate boost concentration and aids one in decision making allowing Gemini to identify the right choice and stick with it.
Cancer - 'The Crab' - Water // June 21 to July 20
Cancerians, represented by 'the crab' are a true water sign with high emotional tendencies. Instead of being ruled by logic, cancerians are ruled by feeling and will learn to trust their gut over what they are told. Highly intuitive, cancers are sensitive to the environment around them and like the crab - retreat into their shell when threatened. Cancers are natural born nurturers, counsellors, supporters and are extremely valuable to have in your corner. Being a highly sensitive sign, cancerians need to watch for their emotional instability, lack of confidence and susceptibility to manipulation. Crystals that suit Cancer are: 
Moonstone - as Cancer is ruled by the moon, they benefit from the healing powers of Moonstone. Cancerians are highly intuitive, working with Moonstone will boost their intuitive powers so they are able to release self doubt and trust their decisions. 
Carnelian - Cancers can at times succumb to their emotions, and Carnelian will work to ensure the emotions they focus on are positive. Carnelian will also boost the energy of Cancer, who easily tires when not in supportive environment.
Selenite - another stone connected to the moon, Selenite will help Cancer cleanse and balance their chakras to feel more emotionally balanced and centered.
Leo - 'The Lion' - Fire // July 21 to August 21
Known as 'the Lion', Leos are considered the most proud sign of the zodiac. Respect and loyalty are extremely important to Leos, who are fiercely protective of their loved ones and expect the same treatment in return. Ruled by the sun, Leos are drawn to things that give them joy and seek out the pleasures of life. Naturally gifted and prone to 'shining' in any activity they choose, confidence seems to come easy to Leo - although sometimes this confidence is used to mask insecurity deep within. Sometimes considered egotistical or lazy, Leos need to work on showing others that they do have a vulnerable side. Crystals perfect for Leo are: 
Tigers Eye - one of Leo's birthstones, Tigers Eye boosts their self worth, courage and confidence. Yes the Leo Lion might always appear confident, but sometimes they need a helping hand to feel it from within. 
Pyrite - Pyrite is an excellent stone for manifestation and increasing talents, boosting the already talented Leo. It can also be used to help one escape the fear of how others see them. Pyrite will help Leos accept themselves so they can show others their vulnerable side.
Carnelian - a little like the lion who enjoys basking in the sun, Leos themselves can be prone to laziness. Carnelian is the perfect stone to boost their motivation and vitality, reigniting their joyful energy.
Virgo - 'The Virgin' - Earth // August 22 to September 22
The symbol for Virgo is 'the virgin', representing their pure nature and ability to remain true to themselves. Virgos are highly analytical, with strong attention detail and connection to the Earth. This makes them wonderful healers, environmentalists and wellness coaches for they are able to identify what needs clearing in order to balance the body, mind and spirit. Highly dedicated, intelligent, practical and grounded Virgos will not let their emotions get in the way of their duty. While this makes them highly successful in their careers they need to watch out for burnout and always putting work ahead of their other needs. Crystals that suit Virgo are:
Moss Agate - one to remind Virgo to put themselves first for a change, Moss Agate will open the heart chakra and encourage them to practice self love.
Red Jasper - one to boost the energy of Virgo when they take on too many tasks at once, Rep Jasper will also work to increase their already proficient organisation and analytical skills.
Fluorite - the stone of focus, fluorite works to boost Virgo's business and study strengths. Fluorite enhances mental clarity and intuition, providing a balance for Virgo who tend to take an analytical approach over what their gut is telling them.
Libra - 'The Scales' Air // September 23 to October 22 
Libra, an air sign, is represented by the scales for it symbolises their natural ability to balance and harmonise the things around them. Libras are highly gracious, considerate, and kind who value justice and the fair treatment of others. Libras mission is to make the world around them a better place, and suit roles in which they can make a difference. Libras are also the symbol for partnerships, and thrive best when they are in a supportive relationship. Things Libras need to watch out for are the lack of independence, avoidance of conflict and need to rely on others. Crystals that suit Libra are:
Blue Tigers Eye - one for the Libras who struggle to stand up for themselves and choose to avoid conflict, Blue Tigers Eye will give them the courage and confidence to do so in a harmonious way. 
Rose Quartz - as Libra's thrive best when they are in a relationship, Rose Quartz will help them attract a happy partnership. Rose Quartz also encourages Libra to focus on loving themselves, and not just give all their love away to others.
Lapis Lazuli - to help Libra harness their intuition and follow their own path so they do not need to rely on the guidance of others. Lapis Lazuli also helps with co
Scorpio - 'The Scorpion' - Water // October 23 to November 22 
Scorpio, another water sign, Scorpio is actually represented by multiple symbols - the Scorpion, the Phoenix and the Eagle. Being the sign of transformation, rebirth and renewal, each symbol corresponds with a different stage in Scorpios journey. Scorpios are highly intuitive, resourceful, loyal and courageous. Considered the alchemist of the zodiacs, they are naturally drawn to occult studies and the magic of the universe. Scorpios weakness is their need for their loyalty to be matched by others, without this they are prone to jealousy and when betrayed they become obsessed with revenge. Crystals for Scorpio are:
Topaz - the birthstone of Scorpio, it will encourage them to let go of their serious side and be open to the joys of life. Topaz also works well with their romantic and spiritual sides, strengthening manifestations and helping them on their quest for true love. 
Malachite - what better than the stone of transformation for the sign of transformation? Malachite will protect Scorpio on their quest for constant change and ease them through each shedding process.
Smokey Quartz - to bring out Scorpios intuitive side while also cleansing them of the fear, anger and anxiety that can cloud their judgement. Smokey Quartz will allow a Scorpio to shed any emotional baggage they are clinging to so they can move on to the next phase in their journey.
Sagittarius - 'The Archer' - Fire // November 23 to December 20
Represented by 'the archer' or 'the centaur' Sagittarians are drawn to exploring new heights that others can't reach - hence the need for the arrow. Sagittarians are highly optimistic, spontaneous and fun, who value freedom above anything else. Always up for adventure or a challenge, there aren't many things a Sagittarian wouldn't try as they explore the world around them. The main thing a Sagittarian struggles with is commitment and honoring their promises, they must make sure they do not hurt other people in their constant quest for a good time. Crystals for Sagittarius are:
Turquoise - the birth stone of Sagittarius, it helps to attract luck, fortune and happiness in their lives. Sagittarians are always searching for something more, and Turquoise will ensure they find just what they are after. 
Sodalite - a perfect stone for Sagittarians, it helps them focus when they are pulling themselves in too many different directions. Sodalite enhances intuition, and will help them follow their gut feeling when they are confused. 
Rhodochrosite - one to help Sagittarius stay committed, whether that be in love or career. Rhodochrosite is the perfect stone for Sagittarians to work with when entering into relationships, to encourage compromise, prosperity and longevity.
Capricorn - 'The Goat' - Earth // December 21 to January 19
The final Earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns a represented by the goat - symbolising determination and persistence. Like the mountain goat facing treacherous terrain, Capricorns can navigate difficult paths with ease and never give up on reaching their destination. Capricorns make excellent managers for their ability to multi task, remain organised, patient and in control. Hardworking, loyal and honest, capricorns are one that you want on your team. Negative traits a Capricorn needs to be mindful of are inflexibility and sometimes pessimist outlook, they find it difficult to forgive others once they have been wronged. Crystals that suit Capricorn are: 
Emerald - Patience and control come naturally to Capricorn, yet even they can be tested at times. Emerald will ensure they are able to maintain composure during times of stress, while also boosting hope when they begin to doubt themselves or the world around them. 
Garnet - the birthstone of Capricorn, it helps them stay positive and open minded. Capricorns are determined workers and natural born leaders, and Garnet works to further intensify their leadership qualities by boosting confidence and authority. 
Azurite - Capricorns are extremely hard workers, but sometimes they need to take a break and focus on what lights them up. Azurite will encourage Capricorn to reconnect with their creative and spiritual side so they can come back to work with renewed focus and energy.
Aquarius - 'The Water Bearer' - Air // January 20 to February 18 
Contrary to what their name suggests, Aquarians are not a water sign but an air sign. The 'water bearer' instead symbolises their humanitarian side and the natural gifts that they offer to the world. Aquarians are suited to the professional life for they are naturally assertive, creative, critical thinkers and innovators. Despite not being a water sign, they are highly emotional creatures and will only show their true selves to those they feel comfortable around. Aquarians need to be mindful of keeping their emotions in check, otherwise they are prone to tempers, emotional outbursts and find it difficult to come to an agreement. Crystals perfect for Aquarius are:
Aquamarine - though not a water sign, Aquarians are closely linked to water. Aquamarine is a stone for sensitivity, and will help Aquarius to balance and calm their emotions. 
Rhodonite - rhodonite is a powerful healing stone, helping Aquarius to feel confident enough to let their true self shine. It also works to help Aquarius better understand others, opening them up for compromise. 
Amethyst - the birthstone for Aquarius, it calms them when they feel frustrated and like they are about to loose their temper. Amethyst also calms the mind, allowing Aquarius to focus on their creativity and intellect instead of their emotions.
Pisces - 'The Fish' - Water // February 19 to March 20 
The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is a water sign symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This is said to represent the dual nature of Pisces, the dreamiest sign who's attention is often captivated by reality instead of fantasy. Pisces are highly emotional and creative beings, empathetic, intuitive, kind hearted and romantic. They are drawn to spending time alone where they are free to get lost in music, their daydreams or processing their emotions. If Pisces is not given the time to properly unpack what they are feeling, they are prone to moodiness, escapism and fear. Crystals that suit Pisces are: 
Amethyst - another sign with Amethyst as a birth stone, emotional Pisces benefits from it's calming, nurturing energy. Amethyst will strengthen Pisces intuition, so they can learn to trust their inner guidance when they become emotionally clouded. 
Ocean Jasper - this soothing water stone resonates well with Pisces and encourages a sense of calm and contentment. Ocean Jasper helps one to feel happier with their life, causing Pisces to connect with reality instead of choosing to escape to their daydreams. 
Black Tourmaline - one to ground and bring Pisces back down to Earth when they spend too much time in their heads, Black Tourmaline will shield kind hearted Pisces from the negative vibes of others.

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