Crystals to help with Newborns

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Crystals for Newborns - 
*Please use common sense with your crystals by keeping them out of baby’s reach / never leaving them with crystals unsupervised* 

Amber - Another stone with great healing benefits, amber is a natural pain reliever and contains anti inflammatory properties. For newborns, the tranquil calming energy will calm baby down when they are restless. When baby is a little older, you may call on amber again in the form of an anklet to help get them through the dreaded teething phase. Amber has the ability to draw toxicity out from the body or an environment, so is great for rebalancing relationships or the environment baby is in. 

Amethyst - An all around wonder stone, amethyst has powers that will protect, calm, cleanse and uplift baby - depending on what it is they need in the moment. Amethyst will convert negative emotions in to positive ones, and provide protection against psychic attacks or things that go bump in the night. If you keep amethyst where baby sleeps you will calm their mind ready for a peaceful sleep, reduce insomnia and the risk of nightmares. 

Black Tourmaline - A powerful protection stone, black tourmaline will keep baby away from negative energy and remove the fear of darkness. Black tourmaline cleanses both the self and the environment of toxicity, so you can ensure baby’s room stays their safe haven. It is recommended to place it in the corners of baby’s room to form a protective seal, or again where they are nursed so mum and dad can also reap the benefits. Black tourmaline has the ability to dispel negative thinking and depression before it takes hold, so new parents can stop doubting themselves and how they are adjusting to their new role. 

Blue Calcite - Blue Calcite emits a soothing, tranquil energy to counteract babies’ restlessness. Blue calcite has a multitude of benefits, encouraging creativity, clear communication and self expression. While baby won’t be able to communicate with you just yet, it is the type of energy you will want to surround them with as they develop these new skills. This stone would suit being placed in the room where baby sleeps, to encourage a peaceful slumber and pleasant dreams.

Blue Lace Agate - A multipurpose healing stone, blue lace agate neutralises feelings of anger and frustration and replaces it with a sense of calm - perfect for the times when you are struggling to understand what baby wants. It’s peaceful energy will help settle baby when they are trying to self soothe, calming anxiety and fear. Associated with the throat chakra it is a stone for clear and honest communication, and will help baby as they develop these skills. 

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love, rose quartz will help new parents strengthen their bond with baby. Rose Quartz emits a calming, soothing energy to help baby feel safe and secure when they are left alone at night. It would suit being placed in the room where baby sleeps, or where they are nursed so that tired parents can get a boost of self love when they need it most. 
Green Apatite - A stone for healthy development, green apatite will help support baby through their growing pains and as they continue to develop new skills. It emits a soothing energy, perfect for calming hyperactivity and restlessness. Green apatite is an emotionally supporting stone, and will help both mum and baby through all the late nights, frazzled nerves and the stress of adjusting to a new way of life. 

Moonstone - Known as the ‘goddess stone’ or ‘stone of fertility’, moonstone symbolises new life and beginnings. It has the ability to rebalance female hormones or yin energy, so is useful for mum and bub as they transition through the final stages of pregnancy, birth and breast feeding. Moonstone protects as well as rebalancing one’s energy, so it will keep baby’s safe from absorbing the energy of all the visitors that pass through in those first few weeks.

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