Crystals to help with Anger

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Angelite - angelite is used to achieve forgiveness, a necessary step to releasing anger and resentment. It will help transform your pain and trauma into feelings of light, so what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
Apache Tears - known as the grief stone, apache tears will soothe you in times of distress and vulnerability. As anger is one of the main stages of grief, use the healing power of apache tears to support you through ease phase so you don't get stuck in anger.
Black Tourmaline - a powerful tool to cleanse the self and environments of negative energy, black tourmaline will dispel anger, anxiety, negative thinking and depression before they take hold. If your your anger is leading you down the path of substance abuse for alcoholism, black tourmaline will assist in reducing these cravings.
Bloodstone - has a grounding, calming energy, useful for deflecting anger in periods of high stress. As being dismissed and walked all over only leads to pent up anger and resentment, bloodstone gives the user the courage to stand up for themselves in an assertive, unaggressive way.
Blue Lace Agate - ruling over the throat chakra, blue lace agate releases the need for immediate reaction and helps one to communicate with kindness. Known as the stone of articulation, it will help you find the right words to express your needs instead of lashing out.
Lapis Lazuli - one to add perception and help you see the other person's point of you, lapis lazuli will assist in opening your eyes to see the truth. Connected to the throat chakra, is will boost communicative skills and help you remain calm - even when you are being yelled at.
Mangano Calcite - the stone of forgiveness, mangano calcite pushes through stored trauma and allows for emotional release. Connected to the heart chakra, it allows you to forgive others and stop holding on to past resentment. Use it to encourage feelings of compassion and love over judgement and rage.
Smokey Quartz - the stone of cooperation, smokey quartz will help you to just let. it. go. Used to balance and recenter the root chakra, it will calm the fight or flight impulse and release the need to defend yourself against a danger that is not there. Use smokey quartz to let go of past hurt and pain, before it poisons your future.

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