Crystals to help with Sleep

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Amethyst - 
the most popular crystal for sleep, amethyst works to calm the mind before bed. It's soothing frequency will protect from nightmares, an quieten an overthinking mind. Used to boost dream recall, let amethyst show you the hidden meanings of your dreams.
Angelite - one for those looking to lucid dream or receive higher guidance, angelite will connect your to your spirit guides. It not only encourages feelings of peace, but acts as a communication stone between realms.
Angel Aura - another stone for lucid dreaming, use angel aura to meditate before bed and prepare the mind. This stone will work to protect the aura, so dreams will be pleasant and safe from nightmares.
Lepidolite - containing lithium, lepidolite is the perfect stone to create a serene mood before bed. Used to alleviate depression, anxiety and negative thoughts, it will get you back on track for a restful night's sleep.
Moonstone - known as the travellers stone, moonstone will ensure safe passage for lucid dreaming and astral travel. Moonstone connects with the subconscious mind and the energy of the moon, so use for the nights when you need a fresh start. It's calming energy will reduce stress and make you feel like everything will be ok in the morning.
Selenite - a pre-sleep powerhouse, selenite will remove the stresses of the day and leave you feeling at peace. It's high vibration will not only cleanse your aura before sleep, but rid your other sleep crystals of any negativity. Last but not least, it is said to counteract insomnia AND snoring, so bury inside your partner's pillow for some peace and quiet.
Smokey Quartz - a grounding stone, smokey quartz will neutralise anger and bring you back to earth after a stressful day. The protective energy while shield you from nightmares and waking up feeling unrested.

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