Crystals to help with Sadness

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Amazonite - known as the hope stone, amazonite will give you the strength to keep going when all else is lost. Amazonite balances chakras, healing past emotional trauma so you can move through life a little lighter.
Amethyst - the wonder woman stone, amethyst is a powerful healing tool. When your sadness overwhelms you and you feel uncertain of the future, amethyst will strengthen your intuition, reassuring you that everything will be ok.
Ametrine - the love child of amethyst and citrine, ametrine will replace sadness with joy. Ametrine will help you uncover why you are feeling a certain way, and overcome the self sabotage and procrastination that often goes hand in hand with depression.
Citrine -  the stone of happiness and joy, citrine will bring the light back into your life. Citrine is brimming with positive energy, attracting luck, prosperity and abundance for the user. If energy is attracted to your vibration, citrine will raise your vibration back to a happy go lucky state.
Green Aventurine - a stone with a gentle, healing energy, green aventurine will convert a negative outlook back into a state of hope and optimism. When depression has left you with little self worth, green aventurine will give you a healthy dose of confidence and self esteem so you may feel worthy of receiving the good in your life.
Lepidolite - the magic mood stone, lepidolite contains lithium - a common ingredient in most anti depressant medications. The calming energy of lepidolite will comfort you in your darkest moments, soothing a worn out, overwhelmed mind.
Malachite - a stone of transformation, whether you are ready for it or not. Malachite has an intense energy, highlighting what needs to be healed in the self in order to move forward. A great stone for those feeling 'stuck' in their emotions, malachite will show you where to put in the work.
Rose Quartz - the love stone, rose quartz will heal the relationship you have with yourself. With depression leaving us hating who we are and feeling undeserving of love, rose quartz will remind us this is not true. Full of compassionate energy, use it to see yourself in a different light.
Smokey Quartz - a stone of darkness, that will leave you feeling light. Smokey quartz is a powerful grounding stone, absorbing negative energy so you don't have to. Useful for dispelling suicidal thoughts and recurring nightmares, smokey quartz will show you the world isn't all you fear.

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